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Exhibition Regulations

  1. During the exhibition, exhibitors are not allowed to pack up or leave early. To safeguard exhibitors' rights, all exhibits must be entered and exited according to regulations, with approval from the organizers.

  2. Exhibitors may not transfer, sublet, merge booths privately, or display products under a company name different from the one registered. If there is a discrepancy between the company name and the booth name, the organizers have the right to request evidence. Violation of these regulations will result in the cancellation of exhibition rights, with no refund of fees, and the prohibition of participation in the next edition of the exhibition.

  3. Exhibitors must limit their displayed products to those they produce, represent, or distribute, and they should align with the list of exhibited products submitted during registration. If the organizers discover products not aligned with the exhibition theme, exhibition rights will be canceled, fees will not be refunded, and the company will be prohibited from participating in the next edition of the exhibition. If the exhibits involve infringement, the exhibitor shall bear legal responsibilities.

  4. Exhibitors must wear safety helmets during booth setup and comply with the operation regulations of the exhibition venue. If improper booth construction results in damage to exhibition facilities or nearby exhibitors' exhibits, the exhibitor is fully responsible for compensation.

  5. Exhibitors are responsible for safeguarding their belongings during setup, teardown, and the exhibition period. They should arrange theft and accident insurance, and the organizers are not responsible for safekeeping.

  6. Exhibitors with ten booths or more must submit exhibition stand build plan for review by the organizers within two weeks after the coordination meeting.

  7. In case of violations of exhibition rules or regulations, and after notifying the exhibitor with a deadline for correction, if the violation persists, the organizers have the right to cancel the exhibitor's participation and stop the exhibition. The exhibitor cannot request a refund or any compensation.

  8. During the exhibition, in the event of natural disasters or force majeure causing damage to exhibitor rights, the organizers are not liable for any compensation.

  9. Any matters not covered by the regulations will be adjusted by the organizers in the best interest of exhibitors. Explanations will be provided to the exhibitors, who may not object.

  10. For row space, the organizers only provide an empty space with a 110V/5A power box. Exhibitors are responsible for their own decoration, including basic furnishings such as carpet and company name signboard. When facing adjacent booths or facing an open space, exhibitors need to install partitions.

  11. Standard stand comes with a 110V/5A power box and basic partitions (including a 3m long, 3m wide, 2.5m high partition, canopy, three projection lights, one 110V socket, carpet, a reception table, a chair, and a set of company signage). Unused items cannot be replaced with other furnishings or refunded.

2023 Statistics


Exhibitor’s Satisfaction Rate: Over 90% answered Very Satisfied


Total Vistors: Over 40,000


Marketing Total Exposure: Over 5,698 million times


Exhibition Zones

Interior Renovation & Building Materials
Smart and Healthy Environment & Green Building Materials
Doors, Windows, and Hardware
Elderly Housing
Kitchen, Cabinet, and Bathroom
Interior Decoration Styles

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